The Boxcars - Period Thriller

Face to face with a horror he can barely comprehend, Jimmy Madison has a clear choice – walk away and pretend he knows nothing, or risk his own life to bring the truth to the world at large...

Germany, 1939. Jimmy is on a trip to lay to rest the ghosts of his dead German wife when his impulsive nature gets the better of him – he knocks out a Brown Shirt who is attacking a defenceless old man and becomes the object of a massive SS manhunt.

Jimmy escapes to the mountains but is caught by the one person he doesn’t want to see – his brother in law, Kohler, now an SS Colonel, who blames Jimmy for his sister’s death in a lightning storm five years earlier.

Jimmy manages to get away from Kohler, only to discover three hundred Jewish evacuees callously left to freeze to death in a lonely railway siding. There is only one survivor, a young girl, Rebekka. As the guards close in Jimmy flees with Rebekka – and a camera full of pictures that would awaken America to the truth about the Nazis.

Jimmy and Rebekka take flight across the frozen landscape by train, truck, and on foot, relentlessly pursued by Kohler. Several times they are almost caught, but eventually make it to Hamburg docks and stow away on a Swedish fishing boat – but just when it seems they have escaped, Kohler catches up with them.

In a dramatic final showdown, Jimmy refuses to remain silent about what he has seen. Will Kohler follow his orders and kill Jimmy, or can Jimmy appeal to Kohler’s innate decency and convince him to let Jimmy and Rebekka go free?

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"I have worked with Don on three scripts over the past 18 months, and I am looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.

Creatively, he is highly imaginative, capable of utilising both his own ideas and incorporating those of others to their maximum potential. Don is very hard-working - he works fast, but cares - which means that it becomes very energising for those he works with.

Tough deadlines are a challenge rather than a problem, so if time is of the essence, Don is the ideal person to have on your team."

 PR, Copenhagen

Don is by far the fastest scribe I've had the pleasure of working with. In fact, I am puzzled by how high the quality is; you would think it would suffer accordingly.


Don is always just an email away, and didn't hesitate to open up his phone lines despite us being in two different countries. Note that he insisted on picking up the bill every time, which I thought was class.


Don's educational background, with a Masters in Screenwriting, plus his global travels and experiences, all come through and result in rich, pointed prose. Highly recommended.

Rhys Trenhaile, Writer/Producer/Actor, Probity Productions Inc., Canada.